Author: Hailey Arthur The Final Diagnosis Medical Fiction · Read more Final Diagnosis: A Sector General Novel (Sector General) · Read more. PDF | On May 5, , Sanjay A Pai and others published The Final Diagnosis. Arthur Hailey, too, recognised this fact when he wrote. Arthur Hailey, too, recognised this fact when he wrote The Final Diagnosis in While most novels and movies dealing with medicine revolve around.

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The classic medical novel from #1 New York Times–bestselling author Arthur Hailey takes readers behind the scenes of a great hospital. Change is in the air. As a raging blizzard wreaks havoc at Lincoln International Airport outside Chicago, airport and airline personnel try to cope with this unstoppable force of nature. Arthur Hailey - In High Once again, Arthur Hailey captures a world between the covers of a book. . Arthur Hailey - The Final

Mass Market Paperback , pages. Published December 1st by Dell first published More Details Original Title. Other Editions Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about The Final Diagnosis , please sign up. Lists with This Book.

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Sort order. I'm simply loving this one. Unable to put down the book. Once you are in to it, you are hooked and the impact is great! It's always been one of my Dad's highly recommended books to me and for some strange reason i had only kept postponing and now, i only wish i had not.

I have honestly never thought about hospital administration and politics that might be involved. Overall a good read. View 1 comment. Jan 05, Maria Velb rated it really liked it. His books don't make you think, they make you feel. After reading you have pocketful of emotions and new knowledge. The Final Diagnosis is the best way to chill out after a hard day or to escape to the world full of other people's troubles and worries from your own.

This book shows some aspects of a chief-job, those aspects that sometimes hidden in a bunch of money and power. Being a doctor myself who works with the laboratories in the hospitals there was not one thing I could not relate to with the issues that happen in the story. A point for Dr. Pearson's advice to Dr. Coleman in the end, very practical stuff. However it is very medically written therefore not everyone may get the flow.

View 2 comments. Jun 01, Akshay S Dinesh rated it it was amazing Shelves: The duration of the story is short, but the author has gone out to give life history of all the main characters. As a medical student there were so many things I could relate to, and I'm sure when I become a doctor the number will only increase.

I had tears in my eyes, twice. Above all, this book is a great lesson in understanding people and their actions. With the amount of hype with which I started reading this book I thought I would never keep down this book. But instead, I found it hard to take the book again and turn the pages to the page I read last and then continue reading. So I asked the people who instilled this false hype in me whether they read this particular book.

And then I came to know the bizarre truth. They haven't read this particular book but they have read another one of the same author. The books starts at a snail's pace. I th With the amount of hype with which I started reading this book I thought I would never keep down this book. I thought it couldn't get any worse. I was proved right.

But the book didn't pick up pace once there was a clear view on where this story is heading. It might have shifted from first to the second gear and huffed and puffed till the end.

There are a lot of medical terms that a layman isn't aware of. But to a large extent Mr Hailey took the pain to explain most of it. So you wouldn't feel completely at sea. Because of all these unknown medical terms I felt like I was reading the book version of the popular series Dr.

the final diagnosis arthur hailey pdf

House but with less humor, less sarcasm and less lot of other good qualities. I don't know what else I should include here because this plot has a potential to strike gold but the author spurned the chance. Goodreads should seriously consider providing users with the option to give half a star. This deserved a 3. Apr 09, Anupama rated it really liked it. How lives can be made, or shattered, by a single decision!

How much can depend on a single test! How dramatic the consequences of one diagnosis can be! A story through the lens of a pathology lab, this had me riveted. We don't quite value pathologists enough, always reserving our praise for the kind physicians and fancy surgeons. This should change. A great read! Gripping Novel Fast paced story with extremely interesting characters woven into realistic episodes. Descriptions are so vivid one can actually visualise things happening in front of your eyes.

Author must have done a lot of research. Highly enjoyable book with a feel good factor. Feb 23, alper rated it really liked it.

I was depressed by the end of story for some characters.: Mar 21, Anastassia Dyubkova rated it liked it. This was an extremely easy book to read, and yes medical facts in here are outdated, but the theme and human relationships are universal. This is not a type of book that thesis and essays will be based but still it will somehow always find a way to a reader. It's a pretty lighthearted book despite it deals with sickness and deaths, at least for me it was.

And although I'm not really completely head over heels mad for the book I think it's really good and it gave me a couple of enjoyable hours of This was an extremely easy book to read, and yes medical facts in here are outdated, but the theme and human relationships are universal.

And although I'm not really completely head over heels mad for the book I think it's really good and it gave me a couple of enjoyable hours of reading. Aug 28, Chaitalee Ghosalkar rated it it was amazing. For starters, the research shows. As detailed as the author in his delineation of the workings of a hospital, at no point do things become cumbersome. A happy ending is hard to ask for; even so the end doesn't lean towards tragic. Death and calamity is a part of life and the au For starters, the research shows.

Death and calamity is a part of life and the author showcases that effortlessly. Jun 18, Andres Borbon rated it really liked it. Sus novelas resisten incluso los embates de mi progresivo cinismo.

Apr 09, Wsm rated it liked it Shelves: Arthur Hailey explores the workings of a hospital and the possibilities of errors by doctors which can have catastrophic consequences for patients. This is a solid medical thriller with lots of painstaking research. Mar 14, Elayakumar rated it it was amazing.

I read this book long back. But I still remember Dr David Coleman. Benign or malignant? It ended as benign.

Apr 11, Avi Kulkarni added it. Great Book. Felt Grey's Anatomy series is inspired by this book ;.

Sep 15, Jo Carol rated it liked it. Fast reading if u are into medical stuff. Keeps your interest. I usually don't read fiction,but this was enjoyable to pass the time. May 01, Krishna Kumar rated it really liked it. The title of this novel refers to the autopsies done by the pathology department where they make the final determination about the cause of death of a deceased patient.

But pathology also has to do the analysis of tissues and other body matter of living patients to find what is wrong with them, providing the input to doctors in various departments of the hospital to take further action.

Sometimes the right diagnosis can mean the difference between life and death. This is a time when medical practices were quickly changing. The older staff members resist using newer techniques because they are not up to date.

There is also politics involved as they fear about what would happen to them and their power if they delegated responsibilities.

I am not familiar with medicine, especially that of a half century ago, but Arthur Hailey, despite going into fine detail, still manages to keep everything clear. The battle between the administrators and department heads. The case of the penny-wise, but pound-foolish budget allocations. The hospital romances. A pre-mature birth.

Assumptions that turn out to be wrong. Joe Pearson is the chief of pathology; once an excellent pathologist, he is now out of touch with the latest methods in laboratory medicine.

Change is under way at the Three Counties Hospital, and Pearson faces the possibility of losing his job.

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That, however, could lead to loss of a substantial donation to the hospital, from a rich benefactor, who is a friend of Pearson's. Just as the surgeon-administrator Kent O'Donnell weighs the pros and cons of his decisions, Hailey balances O'Donnell's professional life with his love life.

Tragedy surfaces in the book, as it does in real life in hospitals, when doctors make errors, or when terrifying diseases strike young, likeable people. The story is readable nearly 50 years after it was first published. Undoubtedly, some of the scenes are melodramatic, at least from a physician's viewpoint. However, the issues that Hailey deals with are as relevant now as in Equally striking—and a reflection of the meticulous research that the author was famous for—is the fact that there are no bloomers in Hailey's descriptions of various medical procedures.

Perhaps for the first time, non-medical readers were introduced to the concept of frozen sections, clinico-pathologic conferences, and doubt and uncertainty in medicine.They come across sometimes as too good to be true. The Final Diagnosis by Arthur Hailey. I usually don't read fiction,but this was enjoyable to pass the time.

Add reciprocal ACE text 5 Dec 08, View 2 comments. In , following publication of Overload, Hailey announced his retirement.

the final diagnosis

Surgeons and other physicians in the hospital are, of course, important players; they have to be, because, after all, pathology makes its existence felt after the surgeon has made the first move.

The author initially begins to describe the working of the hospital as a whole, the things that happen in every floor including the kitchens. First, he would dedicate a year to research, then six months reviewing his notes, and finally 18 months writing.