Chart topping-and headline-making-rap artist Eminem shares his private reflections, drawings, handwritten lyrics, and photographs in his New York Times . The Way I Am is a autobiography by American rapper Eminem. The book was first published on October 21, by Dutton Adult. It is a collection of. - download The Way I Am book online at best prices in India on Read The Way I Am book reviews & author details and more at

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The first album had gone four times platinum. I finally had some money. I remember thinking, I have a house, I can park in back.

It was the first time in my life I'd had a real home that I could call my own and nobody was going to be able to throw me out. Directly across the street there was a trailer park. Wouldn't you know it?

Sometimes kids would sit and wait for me to come out. Other times they didn't even bother to wait. They would just come and bang on the door.

The doorbell kept ringing. I was starting to lose it. As soon as I would open the front door the camera flashes would go off. They'd start clapping. I was losing my mind. I got up in one kid's face with a pistol. Unloaded, but still. Was that the right thing to do?

Hell, no. But my temper was out of control. Thank God I was in enough control to not do something tragic. I had to move out of there before I wound up hurting somebody. My mood can change quickly.

It's always been that way. When I was drinking, I could be in a good mood — just loving everybody and feeling like everything was great — then somebody would say the wrong s to me, and before you knew it there was nothing my bodyguards could do to stop me from reacting and at least punching, spitting, or kicking a few times before they could get to me.

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It would be the simplest s that would set me off, like somebody looking at me hard. And I could not stop until I felt like I'd done something to make that person accountable, to make that person learn his lesson.

Afterward, I would be full of apologies, just saying ''I'm sorry'' over and over.

I'd feel like such an idiot for acting like that. Like, Why can't I control this? That's a pretty perfect example. I mean, there I am, sitting in my seat, and they announce that I'm up for an award, presented by Christina Aguilera. I had said some things about her in the past, Moby had said some things about me, and I had said some things back about him. So I'm sitting there next to Proof, and they bring in Moby and sit him like two rows directly behind us.

So now I'm like, Okay, what's going on? What are they trying to do? I've got Moby behind me, and Christina up onstage, and then this dog puppet gets up in my face. I'd been so busy touring and doing my own s that I hadn't had time to watch TV, so I had no idea what that dog was. All I saw was Moby and Christina and this dude who's sticking his hand in my face, trying to be funny.

Plus, there were several exclusive photographs on each page.

Slim Shady for your coffee table

I think I actually spent more time looking at the pictures than reading the text. At one point, I was a huge Eminem fan I still think, though, that Eminem is a lyrical genius and a pioneer of a whole new style of music. I was hoping to gain more knowledge about his life by reading this, but it just didn't happen.

I guess my expectations for The Way I Am were too high. This particular read didn't exactly meet that standard Mar 18, Fish rated it it was amazing. He describes his early life and career through When the autobiography came out, he was in a musical hiatus and all he could say in the book was that he was "working on new stuff. The autobiography itself is set up perfectly. He describes every aspect of his life and all three of his alter-ego's. He has countless personal pictu "The Way I Am" is an amazing book full of inside personal details that can only be told by the amazing rapper himself.

He has countless personal pictures throughout the book and to top it all off he threw in a bunch of his original rhyme sheets that depict some of his very first songs. I can only recommend this peice of amazingness to everyone that is breathing. It is the life of a true american genius that started with nothing and came out on top, told by the man himself. Every question that you could ever ask him is answered in his autobiography.

Jun 03, Jovan Johnson added it. Oct 14, Kat Jacobi rated it it was amazing. As a big time Eminem fan I absolutely enjoyed the book, the background information especially concerning his writing process and insights in the real person behind the figure Eminem. This is a fairly short book with lots of pictures, I would have wished for even more intimate details but still this book is worth 5 stars.

However, please keep in mind that I may be slightly biased because Eminem is the Rap God and who wants to have an argument with God? Nov 30, Madison Hanneman rated it it was amazing. Personally, I loved this book. It was fun and super easy to read because there were many different pictures and different fonts.

Eminem's 'The Way I Am': Some choice quotes

I am a big fan of Eminem, so it was really interesting to me to read about his life and all of his accomplishments. The book was written by Eminem himself, so everything in it was true and I could learn from his perspective of things that happened in his life.

I think this book would appeal most to people who are fans of him or who are into rap music. Most of his fans Personally, I loved this book. Most of his fans are teenagers or in their early 20s.

Jun 05, Vanessa. Fortiz rated it it was amazing. This book was something different, it was such an incredible book with so much detail. It was so crazy of what the artist himself said about his past that takes a lot of courage. The title itself says a lot The Way I Am, he speaks about his past and how he grew up very poor trying to achieve his dream as a MC or rapper. This is a different book because of his race which is a white American boy, many people judge him based off his skin color thinking he couldn't rap for shit.

I really enjoyed thi This book was something different, it was such an incredible book with so much detail. I really enjoyed this book because he's speaking the truth and it can inspire younger people who what to achieve the same goal as him. Dec 06, Jake Wambaugh rated it it was amazing.

Eminem's travels have come near death and also greatness. His life will never be forgotten. Eminem's takes us on a journey through his life mapped out like a timeline. He tells us about the bullying he used to face every single day at school, his father absence in his life, and his less than satisfactory childhood. As he talks about his life down the road he mentions his battle with prescription drugs and his anger problems. But not all of Em's life was so negative. We get a look at his success o Eminem's travels have come near death and also greatness.

We get a look at his success on stage and him being a father to his daughter, Hailie and his niece Alaina. Eminem, obviously writing his book from experience, shows a remorseful tone at points and a proud unregretful tone at other times. That is the beauty of Eminem's attitude in this memoir. He knows he messed up at some points in his life and he is remorseful, but at other times he knows he made the decision he thought was right at the time and it made him who he is today so he does not regret it.

There are a few significant times in Em's life that made him who he was. One being how Eminem got his nickname and the image most people to know him as, "Slim Shady.

He went up to his producer and good friend "Dr. Dre," and he found Eminem's alter ego. This was what Slim Shady was supposed to look like.

Another very important series of events in the memoir was his father being absent.

He was raised by his grandmother and uncle because his father was gone and mother was not around too much. I think this was what made Eminem who he is today more than anything else. I know this from experience and from the viewing of his acting out, how he acted out, and when he snapped. This memoir was a very well written one. It was very relevant to today's society and so many people could relate to this story as I did. In my opinion Eminem did such a wonderful job of telling his life to anyone who cares to read it.

He showed tremendous courage to put himself on the line like that. To be honest, this truly is the best book I have ever read. Nov 20, Meredith rated it really liked it.

I'm not a diehard Eminem fan, but I do find some of his music and much of his life fascinating.

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I know next to nothing about hip hop, and a lot of this book assumes that you know certain artists or events or terms, so I likely wasn't the target audience. Overall, I enjoyed it and feel that I learned a bit about hip hop and a bit about Eminem.

The book itself is designed beautifully with photos and graphics- I found it very impressive. Feb 04, Mary rated it it was amazing. I'm only partially through this book, but I'm enjoying the straight-forward style. I loved the paragraph where Eminem writes that he is a regular suburban dad, taking care of the kids, doing stuff around the house and mowing the lawn.

Then he says that he mows the lawn naked with a chainsaw. There is always a quick wit lurking around the edges of his writing. Jul 28, Trevor Durham rated it really liked it. Rather shocked at Marshall's tale, but more shocked at the intimate notes he includes. This work focuses mostly on his friendship with Proof, as it was released shortly after his death, but also illustrates a very private life not much of Kim Overall, a powerful and visual journey through the life of Slim.

Jan 17, Martha rated it really liked it. While I'm certainly not a big rap fan, I do like some of Eminem's music, and I also love reading musician's autobiographies.

This one is a little different to say the least. If you can get past the street slang and invectives, it's definitely interesting to read about Marshall Mathers' rise to fame. I think he's a lot smarter and more talented that many people might think.

Oct 08, Amy Walsh rated it it was amazing. I think Eminem speaks his honest truth.

Everything he says or does is his life but even the bad mistakes that he makes, he admits them and tells the world so that the world can accept his change that he know has. Eminem is the one and only idol i look up to, maby not so much because of his past but now.

May 26, Mrinal Verma rated it it was amazing. Marshall Mathers is an inspiration to everyone-a fan or not. Not everyone gets to stand up and fight against the difficulties presented in our lives, let alone win. He makes it possible for everyone to believe that they can be whoever they want to be, regardless of who they are now. A great read, especially for a Stan.

Nov 08, Serena Carr rated it really liked it. In this book Marshall B. There is, inevitably, a spread devoted to his collection of custom-made sneakers; there are examples of his own artwork - drawings of superheroes alongside his own heroes, such as Tupac Shakur; and also shots of crumpled lyric sheets, which are probably of considerable interest to Seamus Heaney, who is quoted approvingly on the jacket thus: He has created a sense of what is possible.

He has sent a voltage around a generation. It shouldn't surprise the Nobel laureate that the rapper's story is better told through his lyrics than through words and pictures. The confessional culture that served up Oprah Winfrey and Jerry Springer on TV found its rap counterpart with Eminem who, with devastating forensic skill, picked over his troubled upbringing and the state of his relationship with ex-wife Kim and his litigious mother Debbie in his songs.

The book treads lightly here and also skirts the issue of his addiction 'The whole drug thing built into a problem for me at some point,' he writes. The most illuminating bits are the family snapshots, such as portraits of Mathers's uncles Todd and Ronnie Nelson both of whom committed suicide and an uncomfortable image of his father holding him as a baby, shortly before Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr abandoned the family.

This is the only photograph of his father that Marshall III ever saw as a child.

Publication of Eminem's book coincides with that of Cobain Unseen, an equally lavish collection of private photographs of that other helpful archetype.He doesn't sugar coat or try to play around the issue. The truth is, a lot of things put me on edge. Sometimes kids would sit and wait for me to come out. Friend Reviews. I went through a phase back then when I was shooting pistols in the air behind the studio and, you know, pulling guns out, pointing a pistol in somebody's face, not even realizing that I could've gone to jail for that s I had a feeling this one would be honest though, and it is.

In this book Marshall B. It can be something as simple as being asked a million stupid questions, or a rapper who's not on my level trying to come up by starting beef with me.