Here, we summarize 5 best PDF reader apps for Android in Unlike other similar apps, Foxit MobilePDF is extremely lightweight and. The PDF is a powerful file type, but a pain to work with. In this list, we'll take a look at the best PDF reader apps for Android to help make it easier. Developers #1 Choice in PDF SDK for Android, iOS & UWP | Foxit MobilePDF SDK What is a good open source PDF reader component/library for Android?.

Smallest Pdf Reader For Android

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Here's the list of six best Android PDF Reader apps you can use to read or edit PDF Searching for a lightweight tool to read PDF documents?. EBookDroid is another lightweight and ad-free PDF app for Android. It works quite well as an ebook reader too. The app supports DjVu, PDF. PDF Viewing is now available directly in Google Drive. For environments where this cannot be deployed, Google PDF Viewer offers the same capabilities in a.

Best PDF File Reader for Android

The app lets you bookmark and print PDF files. It offers a search tool. It supports five viewing and 16 color modes. The app lets you navigate to the different pages of the PDF document.

It provides text to speech tool and has an option to enable night mode. It allows you to use custom fonts and has a utility to export the list of bookmarked files to a text file. It has a nice user interface and numerous features. It provides three reading modes — continuous, single, and thumbnail.

8 Best Android PDF Reader Apps | 2018

It has an option to enable night mode and transfer files. It enables users to navigate to a specific page of a document.

Foxit allows users to change the font size of text within PDF files. It supports the following cloud storage services:. The free app from Kdan enables users to manage PDF files stored on their devices efficiently.

It has a beautiful interface. It ships with a file explorer tool that allows you to locate files quickly.

The PDF reader has a document scanner tool through which users can create documents from images. It includes a page jump tool which users can use to open their favorites pages quickly.

The app lets users scroll pages horizontally or vertically. It has an option to highlight all hyperlinks embedded in the document.

PDF Reader is a must-have app for Android devices. Ivan Ivanenko April 6, 2: Only it support custom background color, text to speech, lock the document, bookmarks and so on.

Your email address will not be published. It is modestly designed yet works reasonably well.

Top 6 Best PDF Reader apps for Android

It is capable of performing a variety of PDF related tasks such as changing screen orientation, auto-scrolling, and text customization.

Also, you can use the volume up button on your phone to move on reading, which is quite handy for Android readers. With the premium version, you can enjoy extra features including Bluetooth and headset controls, password protection and shortcuts for books, etc.

However, there are some shortcomings for this app: As stated earlier, PDF is a more convenient and powerful option than other formats. You can also turn other file formats to PDF for better visual experience. You can choose one you want according to your needs.

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15 best PDF reader apps for Android!

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For this, you will need a PDF reader app for Android smartphone or tablet. The app can fill out PDF documents, annotate, and has some extra view features. It also comes with a cloud support, which allows you to download and upload PDFs directly. Because of the complexity of PDF files, you cannot open them in a text editor. It has an option to highlight all hyperlinks embedded in the document.

Though it was primarily designed to deal with various documents, such as spreadsheets, and it is also able to view, modify and print PDF documents.

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