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All Indian Pre Medical Test (AIPMT) Exam Question Paper, Answers and Solutions. Click on the links below to download AIPMT Question Papers with Answer Key in PDF. Download AIPMT Question Paper Code - E. aipmt questions paper answers key. Download Premedical Allen DLP NEET-UG Minor Major Test Paper all session Hindi-English PDF.

Which one of the following pairs of solution is not an acidic buffer? The sum of coordination number and oxidation number of the metal M in the complex [M en 2 C2O4 ]Cl where en is ethylenediamine is: OF2 is oxygen difluoride. In the reaction with HCl.

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The possible alkene is: Which of the statements given below is incorrect? In the extraction of copper from its sulphide ore. Ldksa esa ls dkWij ds fu"d"kZ.

Name reaction The following reaction is known by the name: If Avogadro number NA. Which of the following reaction s can be used for the preparation of alkyl halideds? What explains the higher boiling point of hydrogen fluoride? It's atomic number is The name of complex ion. PCl'4 2 diamond. In which of the following pairs. KMnO4 dh vko'. Which of the following is the correct electronic configuration of gadolinium? XI xSMksfyfu. The hybridization involved in complex [Ni CN 4]2— is At.

XeO4 Caprolactum is used for the manufacture of: Assuming complete ionization. A gas such as carbon monoxide would be most likely to obey the ideal gas law at: In and Tl increases in the sequence: Which of the following is not the product of dehydration of fuEufyf[kr esa ls dkSulk mRikn] 1 Ans. What is the pH of the resulting solution when equal volumes of 0. Ro Al. The number of structural isomers possible from the molecular formula C3H9N is: Strong reducing behaviour of H3PO4 is due to: C6H12O6 fuEu.

C2H4O2 3 Ammonia. The vacant space in bcc lattice cell is: HCl 1 Acetic acid. The oxidation of benzene by V2O5 in presence of air produces: NH3 Ans. NH3 4 Fructose. C6H12O6 3 veksfu. In an SN1 reaction on chiral centres there is: Bkslksa ds?

Sligtly acidic medium will generate a nucleophilic centre for weak base like ammonia derivatives. The reagent is: Method by which Aniline cannot be prepared is: Reaction of a carbonyl compound with one of the following reagents involves nucleophilic addition followed by elimination of water.

Dl fdj. PART C: Which one of the following statements is wrong for the motion of particle?

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To which part of the spectrum does it belong? But red colour will be vetracted So Ans. A beam of light consisting of red. The refractive index of the material of the prism for the above red. At the first minimum adjacent to the central maximum of a single-slit diffraction pattern. The condition for particles A and B for their collision is: A proton and an alpha particle both enter a region of uniform magnetic field B. If the radius of circular orbits for both the particles is equal and the kinetic energy acquired by proton is 1 MeV the energy acquired by the alpha particle will b: A circuit contains an ammeter.

If the ammeter has a coil of resistance ohm and a shunt of 20 ohm. An ideal gas is compressed to half its initial volume by measns of several processes. Which of the process results in the maximum work done on the gas?

A series R-C circuit is connected to an alternating voltage source.

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Consider two situation: Current through resistor is i and voltage across capacitor is V then: Light of wavelength nm is incident on a metal with work function 2. If 1 and 2 are the conductivities of the metal wires respectively.

The de Broglie wavelength of the emitted electron is: Z Qyu 2. Two metal wires of identical dimension are connected in series. Z gkxhSA Sol. The radius of its wheels is 0. An automobile moves on a road with a speed of 54 km h—. If the vehicle is brought to rest in 15s.

The source is moving with a speed of The observor is at rest.

The apparent frequency observod by the observer velocity of sound in air ms— is: The second block's speed after the collision is: On a frictionless surface a block of mass M moving at speed v collides elastically with another block of same mass M which is initially at rest. After collision the first block moves at an angle D to its initial direction and has a speed v. The position of point P on this rod through which the axis should pass so that the work required to set the rod rotating with angular velocity.

The rod is to be set rotating about an axis perpendicular to it.

Point masses m 1 and m 2 are placed at the opposite ends of a rigid of length L. A nucleus of uranium decays at rest into nuclei of thorium and helium.

It collides with the ground loses 50 percent of its energy in collision and rebounds to the same height. The initial velocity v0 is: A ball is thrown vertically downwards from a height of 20 m with an initial velocity v0.

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The abcd is a coil adjacent to the path of electron. What will be the direction of current if any. An electron moves on a straight line path XY as shown.

Its maximum acceleration is 2 and maximum velocity is E. F min 1 Sol. A particle is executing a simple harmonic motion.

The ratio of intensity at the maximum and Fmax minima in the interference pattern. Then its time period of vibration will be: Force of attraction between the plates of the parallel plate air capacitor is: If potential in volts in a region is expressed as V x.

A parallel plate air capacitor has capacity 'C' distance of separation between plates is 'd' and potential difference 'V' is applied between the plates.

A plank with a box on it at one end is gradually raised about the other end. If the barrier potential developed across the diode is 0. Q dh CkSVjh ls tksMk x. The mass of the satellite is very small compared to the mass of the earth. In the given figure. A potentiometer wire of length L and a resistance r are connected in series with a battery of e.

The specific heat capacity of the gas at constant volume is 5. L 1 Sol. The value of 2 for which angular momentum about origin is conserved is: The e. E will be given by: An unknown e. E is balanced at a length l of the potentiometer wire. F should be parallel to r so coefficient should be in same ratio. E0 and a resistance r1. The value of n is: If earth's radius is 6. A string is stretched between fixed points separated by It is observed to have resonant frequencies of Hz and Hz. There are no other resonant frequencies between these two.

The tangential speed of lighter stone is n times that of the value of heavier stone when they experience same centripetal forces. The lowest resonant frequency for this string is: A remote. If the length of capaillary tube above the surface of water is made less than 'h' then: If we want the lower ends of the wires to be at the same level.

Two vessels separately contain two ideal gases A and B at the same temperature the pressure of A being twice that of B. Under such conditions. Two wires of same length and of same area of cross section.

AIPMT 2015 Answer Key – Retest Exam Question Paper Solution Download PDF

The ratio of molecular weight of A and B is: The magnification of the telescope is: The length of this image is I. The corresponding 36 9 output signal will be: The eye-piece forms a real image of this line. If the 2 maximum kinetic energy of the emitted photoelectrons in the second case is 3 times that in the first case.

The heart of man pumps 5 litres of through the arteries per minute at a pressure of mm of mercury. If the density of mercury be If the speed of the liquid in the tube is V. The cylindrical tube of a spray pump has radius. The coil carries a current of 2A. A rectangular coil of length 0. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document. The imperfect fungi which are decomposer of litter and help in minearl cycling belong to: 1 Basidiomycetes 2 Phycomycetes 3 Ascomycetes 4 DeuteromycetesviwoZ dod tks djdV ds vi?

The members of deuteromycetes do not show sexual reproduction therefore they are called fungi infercti. Metagenesis refers to: 1 Alternation of generation between asexual and sexual phases of an organisms 2 Occurrence of a drastic change in form during post-embryonic development 3 Presence of a segmented body and parthenogenetic mode of reproduction 4 Presence of different morphic formsesVktsusfll :ikraj. Which of the following events is not associated withovulation in human female?

At ovulation, LH surge occur due to hypersecretion of estrogen, which gives positive feed back to anterior pituitary for secretion of LH. Which of the following joints would allow no movement?

If you suspect major deficiency of antibodies in a person, to which of the following would you look for confirma- tory evidences? Antibodies are!

Chromatophores take part in: 1 Growth 2 Movement 3 Respiration 4 Photosynthesiso. Chromatophores contain pigments and they are found in blue green algae for photosynthesis The main contribution in acid rain is SO2 and 20 2. During ecological seccession: 1 the establishment of a new biotic communityh is very fast in its primary phase.

The oxygen evolved during photosynthesis comes from water molecules. Which one of the following pairs ofelements is involved in this reaction? Which of the followin pairs is not correctly matched? Binary fission is usually found in amoeba, Paramoecium, euglena. Ans 2 In the following human pedigree, the filled symbols represent the affected individuals.

Identify the type of given pedigree. Which one of the following animals has two separate circulatory pathways?In which the total mark of the entrance exam is Alicia Tan Suat Hong. The tangential speed of lighter stone is n times that of the value of heavier stone when they experience same centripetal forces. If the 2 maximum kinetic energy of the emitted photoelectrons in the second case is 3 times that in the first case.

At the first minimum adjacent to the central maximum of a single-slit diffraction pattern. Mdk; 4 vifjiDo Hkwz. The second sound is heard when: A potentiometer wire of length L and a resistance r are connected in series with a battery of e.