Editorial Reviews. From the Back Cover. Management lessons from the world's most profitable site Store; ›; site eBooks; ›; Business & Money. Management lessons from the world's most profitable airlineFortune magazine calls Southwest Airlines "the most successful airline in history." With a market. "If you look at Southwest Airlines, and I admire what they do, they've been the most successful airline in the industry." --Gerard Arpey, CEO.

The Southwest Airlines Way Ebook

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Fortune magazine calls Southwest Airlines the most successful airline in history. Full of frontline tales of Southwest's innovative management. Management lessons from the world's most profitable airline"If you want to understand how one organization can change the competitive rules of the game for. Southwest Airlines Way: Using the Power of Relationships to Achieve High Performance. by Jody Hoffer Gittell. eBook: Document. English. Toronto.

This is particularly impressive, given the fact that airlines in general struggle to make profits. Today, the company employs 46, people and operates 3, flights per day.

The Southwest was regularly awarded triple crown. The list of achievements by the company is fairly impressive. It is the only airline to have won the industry triple crown, for the fewest delays, fewest complaints, and fewest mishandled baggage.

[PDF] The Southwest Airlines Way Full EBook

Colleen Barrett fosters very positive corporate culture. Southwest Airlines says that one of its key criteria for hiring people is based on teamwork.

The book goes into great depth about how relationships are built up within the company, and how each person is made to feel very much part of the success of the company.

It also gives some anecdotes about how certain members of the company have been helped during difficult times. They were immediately sent the money. These types of stories often become a myth within the company. Similarly, the book gives clear examples of how boundaries are reduced within the company, how blame is not attributed to one particular person, how jobs are kept flexible, and how unions are made to be partners, rather than adversaries.

The book then finishes with how other companies might learn from the Southwest model. Given the number of copies that have been brought up in the past few years, such as Ryanair, Easy Jet in Europe, Kingfisher in India, it would seem that many have adopted this model.

Indeed, the low cost model now has gone into other parts of different industries. Perhaps, the main weakness of the book is in terms of critical analysis. Each chapter sets out just how wonderful the company is, without really ever going into detail about some of the failings, or some of the difficulties that they might have had.

This is part of the problem you get when an insider, or someone who is given very easy access to the company, is asked to write what essentially leads up to a hagiography of a particular company or of a particular boss.

Interesting quotes from the book: By , however, Southwest was the fourth largest airline in the United States in terms of domestic passengers miles flown, serving 59 airports in 30 states.

In terms of passengers flown per day, Southwest was the third largest airline in the United States, and the largest in terms of the number of flights per day.

Published on Mar 15, This book examines how Southwest Airlines, the largest carrier of passengers in the largest market in the world has become the envy of financial performance, customer, and employee satisfaction for the airline industry. For those of us who are involved in Organization Development or Human Resources and toil under the belief that people make a bottom line difference, this is our book.

For leaders this is also your book, the lessons learned at Southwest are transferable not only to the airline industry but to any industry. Don't let the style of writing get in the way of the important message: Southwest's most powerful organizational competency--the "secret ingredient" that makes it so distinctive--is its ability to build and sustained high performance relationships among managers, employees, unions, and suppliers.

These relationships are characterized by shared goals, shared knowledge, and mutual respect.

Over time Southwest Airlines has developed 10 organizational practices to facilitate coordination among 12 distinct functions: The heart of this book is the description of these 10 practices and how managers in any setting can implement them to improve their business performance.

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The Southwest Airlines Way

Southwest Airlines Way 1. Her research explores how coordination by front-line workers contributes to quality and efficiency outcomes in service settings, with a particular focus on the airline and health care industries. She has developed a theory of relational coordination, proposing that work is most effectively coordinated through relationships of shared goals, shared knowledge and mutual respect, and demonstrating how organizations can support relational coordination through the design of high performance work systems.

Prelude This book examines how Southwest Airlines, the largest carrier of passengers in the largest market in the world has become the envy of financial performance, customer, and employee satisfaction for the airline industry.

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